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Aka: ‘The Fairy Stone’
Mineral: nesosilicate complex of iron, magnesium, zinc, aluminium & silicon
Formula: (Fe2+,Mg,Zn)1.5-2Al9[O6|(OH,O)2|(SiO4)4]
Mohs:  7 - 7.5
Colour: dark reddish brown to blackish brown, yellowish brown, rarely blue; pale golden yellow in thin section
Crystal Habit:  commonly in prismatic crystals
Crystal System:  Monoclinic - Prismatic; Pseudo-orthorhombic
Source:  USA

The name is derived from the Greek, stauros for cross and lithos for stone in reference to the common twinning so having the formation of a cruciform cross. These ‘Fairy Crosses’ are often worn as a talisman for good luck and protection against bad-luck, danger & witch-craft.  Ledgend has it that these crosses were formed by the crystaline tears of fairies when given the news of the death of Jesus. Pocohontas is also reputed to have given one to Captain John Smith to protect him from harm. Also found in Brazil, Russia & Swizerland

Staurolrite:  Known as the ‘Fairy Stone or Fairy Cross’
Astrologicial Sign: Pisces
Keywords: grounding and physical well-being, links with realms of fairies, devas, animal and plant consciousness
Element: Earth
Chakra:  Base (1st) Heart (4th) Brow (6th) Crown (7th)
Use: an aid to the vibrational attunements of nature beings such as fairies, devas.  Providing connection between the physical, astral & extra-terrestrial planes, assisting in the alignment, balance & communication between all three.  Provides relief is stressful situations,
Healing: dispelling depression & reduce tobacco &alcohol addictions, muscle & blood formation & maintaining general health.