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Comprises: Apophylite, Okenite, Pectolite, Prehite, Stilbite
Mineral: microporous aluminium silicate
Formula: Na2AI2Si3O10·2H2O   
Mohs: 5-5.5  
Colour: clear,creamy, white, bluish, green, gray, pink  
Source: India  

Astrological Sign: All  
Keywords: attunement, clearing & cleansing, communication  
Chakra:  All
Use: an aid the vibrational attunements especially Reiki.  Enhances the response to Healing,  clearing energy blocks & removing stagnant energies.  Assists in communication with all forms of Angelic & Devic vibrations.   
Healing: dispelling bloating, goitres, reduce alcohol addictions & release toxins.  Can be used as an elixir