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Mineral: hydrated potassium calcium silicate   
Formula: (K,Na)Ca4SiO8O2(F,OH)·8H2O
Mohs: 4.5-5   
Colour: salmon pink, grey, yellowish, reddish orange & brown   
Source: India
A member of the Zeolite group of minerals, often found together with Apophyllite, Calcite, Prehnite, Quartz, Pyrite and other minerals.. usually found in sheath-like clusters its colour is an opaque, pearly lustre of white to brick red, pink, creamy orange to brown depending on its place of origin and  Specimens found in  Iceland are pale creamy orange - brown,  India:  pink/creamy white,  Scottish mainland and Islands: brick-red, USA:  varying shades of brown.  Its name derives from the Greek meaning‘To Shine’

Stilbite:  Known as the stone for ‘Clear Thinking’.
Astrological Sign: Libra & Aries
Keywords: clear thinking, expansion of sense of self, inner peace
Element: Wind
Chakra: Heart (4th) Brow (6th) Crown (7th)  
Use: emanates a gentle, loving, quiet energy that brings stillness & tranquility.  Clears debris from the aura & needless clutter from the subconscious mind allowing clear thinking, so promoting the ability to make positive choices of direction & fulfilment of ones aspirations,dreams & desires.    An excelent crystal for helping with Reiki attunements and enhancing the response to healing energy. Helpful for those feeling overwhelmed by too many tasks.   
Healing:   for loss of taste, laryngitis & strengthening ligaments.  Calming effects of ADD & ADHD, balancing & maintaining mental stability. Can be used as an elixir