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Mineral:  calcium phosphate  
Formula:  Ca5[Fl(PO4)3]  Ca10(PO4)6(OH, F, Cl, Br)2
Mohs: 5  
Colour: Blue (but can be green, yellow, golden, brown, gray or colourless).  
Crystal Habit:  Tabular, prismatic crystals, massive, compact or granular
Crystal system  Hexagonal Dipyramidal (6/m)[2]

Transparent stones are often faceted and used as gemstones, the chatoyant (cat’s eye, 3D effect) are often cut into cabochon shapes.
Its name derives from the Greek’Apata’ meaning ‘I am misleading or deceiving’, as Apatite is often confused with other minerals, for instance beryl, and is sometimes prefixed by the word 'Fluor’ giving misleading impression that it has the fluorine mineral in its composition, which it has not.  
Found:  Mexico, Madagascar & brazil
Source:  Brazil


Apatite, known as ‘The Stone for The Intellect’.
Key words: psychic activation, access to knowledge.  
Element: Wind  
Chakra:  Brow (6th)
Astrological sign: Gemini
Use:   promoting inner-vision, exploring past lives & karmic patterns. Help with storing information, communicating and teaching. Stimulates the intellect & helps to dissolve aloofness & negativity.

Healing:  sooths tension, helps to reduce nervous stuttering, sooth headaches, stimulates the eyesight especially when doing computer work  Can be helpful with hyperactive and autistic children.

*Warning! Not all crystals and minerals can be used to make an elixir.  If in doubt  - don’t!