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Bowenite Rough Rock
Photograph  DKW Crystals

Bowenite. Known as ‘The Stone of Longevity’.  
Keywords: connection with nature, kundalini awakening, Earth knowledge  
Element: Earth.  
Chakra: Base (1st)
Astrological sign:  Virgo
Use:  exploring the Earth & Nature’s ancient history during meditation. Enhances meditation & aids the retrieval of ancient wisdom, past lives. Sooths the emotional body, releasing fear of change looking to the future with expectation & hope.
Healing: for  aiding calcium & magnesium absorption; cellular regeneration; helpful in treatment of diabetes & hypoglycaemia; eliminating parasites.

The Care, Cleansing and Energisyng of Crystals & Minerals

*Warning! Not all crystals and minerals can be used to make an elixir.  If in doubt  - don’t!